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Use the following link to a page with a listing of our replacement vacuum interrupters or search for vacuum interrupter part number, assembly number, circuit breaker or contactor type. Note: manufacturers often used variations in their part number designations (with or without hyphens, spaces, etc).

vacuum interrupter replacements with cut-away view replacement vacuum interrupters
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We were at 2019 PowerTEST

Where we presented a paper on reconditioning and extending the life of certain vacuum interrupters

We also exhibited our:
replacement vacuum interrupters
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Vacuum Interrupters Inc can provide you a replacement vacuum interrupter (vacuum bottle interrupter), for virtually any manufacturers' medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker or vacuum contactor.*

We carry many vacuum interrupter replacements in stock; and can provide you a vacuum interrupter pole assembly and replacement vacuum interrupter parts or components for virtually any manufacturers' medium voltage circuit breaker. Our engineers can also provide replacement or custom vacuum interrupters for obsolete circuit breakers.

Soluciones para todas sus necesidades con interruptores de vacÍo. Informacion-en-Espanol

The vacuum circuit breakers and vacuum contactors that we stock replacement vacuum interrupters for include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • General Electric ® - GE ® vacuum circuit breakers, motor control vacuum contactors, and vacuum load tap changers including type VB - VB1 - VH - VIB - VVC - PVD - LR - LRT - CR - LimitAmp ® - Power/Vac ® circuit breaker, contactor and load tap changer.
  • Eaton ® / Cutler Hammer ® / Westinghouse ® type VCP - VCPW - R Type - DVP - DHP-VR AMPGARD ® vacuum circuit breaker and Ampguard motor starters. Note: Eaton, Cutler Hammer, and Westinghouse are all separate corporations that have produced Ampguard motor starters that utilize contactor parts known as vacuum interrupters.
  • Eaton ® V200, V210, V250 and V201K CJZ1 vacuum motor controller / contactor
  • ABB ® / BBC ® / Gould ® / ITE® type VHK - VHKR - VHKX vacuum circuit breaker.
  • Rockwell Automation Allen Bradley ® vacuum contactors including the 1502-V4C1D1, 1502-V4DBDA-1 and ZKJ-7.2/450 ZKJ74-01 contactor.
  • GEC ® vacuum circuit breakers
  • Federal Pioneer ® vacuum circuit breakers, including the VC-5 Type VB3AP400B5.
  • HOW-Yin Square D ® type VR - HVC - HVD - VAD1 - VAD2 - VAD3 - VAD4 - VAD5 vacuum circuit breaker.
  • Siemens ® / Allis-Chamlers ® type FCV - FSV - MSV - 3AF - GMI vacuum circuit breaker.
  • Hyundai ® vacuum circuit breakers and contactors.
Use the following link to search our database or view a listing of our replacement vacuum interrupters.

Features of our vacuum interrupters and related services include:

vacuum interrupter
2400V - 38kV
vacuum bottle
Up To 3000A
vacuum assembly
Compact Design
 vacuum assemblies
Individual Vacuum / Bottle Interrupters or Complete Pole Assemblies
  • In shop replacement at our facility
  • Field replacement at your facility
  • Local replacement at nearest Group CBS affiliate service location
vacuum interrupter
Internal Torsion Control
vacuum interrupter
Both ANSI and IEC tested vacuum interrupters available
Pole Assembly Exchange Program - complete pole assemblies are available for many common vacuum circuit breakers
 vacuum interrupters
Rental vacuum circuit breakers available for emergency or while yours is being serviced
 vacuum interrupter
We can quickly design replacement or custom vacuum interrupters to fit virtually all types of circuit breakers

Vacuum Interrupters Inc - Certified Quality System - ISO 9001:2008

Replacement Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assemblies
Compatible With Power/Vac® Circuit Breakers
Utilizing Encapsulated/Embedded Vacuum Interrupters

Encapsulate - embedded vacuum interrupter assembly retrofit Vacuum Interrupters, Inc. is pleased to announce the development and availability of replacement vacuum interrupter pole assemblies compatible with older Power/Vac® circuit breakers using encapsulated - embedded vacuum interrupters. By embedding the vacuum interrupter in epoxy, the assembly is substantially tougher and better suited to withstand impact, moisture, dust, and other environmental contaminates. ANSI/IEEE C37.09 tested and certified for use on compatible circuit breakers, our hardened, superior assembly will enable the user to upgrade and extend the life of original equipment; and, if combined with proper mechanical maintenance of the breaker, extend the life of that equipment another twenty-plus years. They are available now in selected ratings and others will be available in the near future.
Use the following link for more details and a video on our
Replacement Embedded Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assemblies.

SF6 Interrupter Replacements
Gas Recycling & Reclaiming Services

We stock replacement SF6 interrupters for a variety of medium voltage applications.

Additionally we provide gas recycling and reclaiming services allowing existing SF6 equipment to be reused and put back into service.

Click for more info on our replacement SF6 interrupters and gas recycling/reclaiming.

When you have vacuum interrupter failure, or for additional information or to discuss your requirements, Contact Us for immediate assistance.

vacuum interrupter test set Here's How To Determine the Condition of Your Vacuum Interrupters Before They Fail:

Our vacuum interrupter testing technology uses condition based predictive maintenance to determine the condition of your vacuum interrupters.

View or download paper
Predicting The Remaining Life of Vacumm Interrupters In The Field

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