Extend the Life of Power/Vac Circuit Breakers

Retrofit circuit breakers with encapsulated/embedded vacuum interrupter pole assemblies to keep your equipment in service. 

Upgrade Older Compatible Breakers to Encapsulated/Embedded Pole Technology

Vacuum Interrupters can provide a vacuum interrupter pole assembly as well as replacement vacuum interrupter parts or components for virtually any manufacturer’s medium-voltage circuit breaker.

We can quickly design replacement or custom vacuum interrupters to fit virtually all types of circuit breakers. Complete pole assemblies are available for many common vacuum circuit breakers through our Pole Assembly Exchange Program. We also offer rental vacuum circuit breakers for use while yours is being serviced. Find the right encapsulated pole assembly using our Product Finder search feature.

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Looking for the right vacuum interrupter replacement? Start by choosing your manufacturer to see a list of available bottle replacements, and/or review our “Search by Picture” function if faceplate information isn’t readily available.

If you don’t find the vacuum bottle interrupter you need, please contact us as we’re constantly adding additional types. Also, our engineers can provide replacement or custom vacuum interrupters for obsolete circuit breakers and contactors.

Extend the Life of Power/Vac Circuit Breakers with Encapsulated Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assemblies

Vacuum Interrupters has developed a replacement for the original vacuum interrupter pole assembly used in compatible Power/Vac® circuit breakers. Our replacement vacuum interrupter pole assemblies incorporate encapsulated/embedded vacuum interrupters and have passed the applicable ANSI/IEEE C37 standard tests. 

Our encapsulated pole assemblies will upgrade older compatible breakers to modern encapsulated/embedded pole technology. The main advantages of the embedded vacuum interrupter technology (compared to a standard open pole or assembled system) are its high dielectric strength and better protection from environmental influences. Our design is compact and rugged, resulting in a vacuum interrupter assembly that is much more reliable with excellent vibration and shock resistance and enhanced mechanical strength. Additionally, it is significantly more resistant to environmental contaminants such as dust, humidity, and moisture. 

This video shows the replacement of original vacuum interrupter assemblies in a GE circuit breaker
with our encapsulated vacuum interrupter assemblies.

Benefits of Encapsulated/Embedded Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assemblies

  • Compliant with applicable ANSI/IEEE C37 standard tests
  • Direct replacement of original vacuum interrupter pole assembly
  • Optimum protection of the vacuum interrupter
  • Resistant to impact, contaminants, and moisture
  • High dielectric strength
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Increased reliability
  • Cost is very close to the cost of an interrupter replacement with exchange core

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