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  • Predicting the Remaining Life of Vacuum Interrupters in the Field DOWNLOAD
  • Vacuum Interrupter Testing Using Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) Test Equipment DOWNLOAD
  • VACUUM INTERRUPTERS: PRESSURE VS. AGE A Study of Vacuum Levels in 314 Service Age Vacuum Breakers DOWNLOAD
  • Trust Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC) testing to predict the remaining life of your vacuum interrupters DOWNLOAD
  • Medium-Voltage Vacuum Circuit Breaker Life Extension: An Approach Utilizing Industry Standardized Maintenance Intervals, New Testing Techniques, and Modern Replacement Parts DOWNLOAD
  • Get 3 test sets for the price of 1 with the new VITS60M DOWNLOAD
  • Get 3 test sets for the price of 1 with the new VITS75M DOWNLOAD

  • CBT-1203 Circuit Breaker Timer Product Sheet DOWNLOAD
  • High-Voltage Test Laboratory and Mechanical & Environmental Testing DOWNLOAD


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