Get Vacuum Interrupter Testing, Replacement, and Service

Vacuum Interrupters can provide replacement vacuum interrupter parts, repair services, and equipment testing to keep your vacuum interrupters in service. 

Your source for Vacuum Interrupter Replacement, Repair, and Testing

A vacuum interrupter stops the flow of AC power between a pair of electrical contacts using the high vacuum within which they are enclosed. These devices play a crucial role in electrical systems, so their failure can cause unnecessary downtime and equipment damage.

Vacuum Interrupters can provide you a replacement vacuum interrupter (vacuum bottle interrupter), including embedded interrupter poles and assemblies, for virtually any manufacturer’s medium voltage vacuum circuit breaker or vacuum contactor. We also provide a range of related services, including vacuum interrupter remanufacturing and repair; SF6 equipment repair, replacement and refills; and high voltage laboratory test equipment for a variety of purposes from certifying adequate grounding of bucket trucks to testing new electrical equipment designs. To complete our focus on vacuum overprotecting devices, Vacuum Interrupters also offers several portable test equipment solutions from first trip breaker timing to magnetron atmospheric condition (MAC) testing of vacuum interrupters, among others.

Features of Our Vacuum Interrupters and Related Services Include:

  • 2400V – 38kV

  • Up to 3000A
  • Compact Design

  • Individual Vacuum/Bottle Interrupters or Complete Pole Assemblies

    • In shop replacement at our facility
    • Field replacement at your facility
    • Local replacement at nearest Group CBS affiliate service location
  • Internal Torsion Control
  • Both ANSI and IEC tested vacuum interrupters available

  • Pole Assembly Exchange Program —      complete pole assemblies are available for many common vacuum circuit breakers

  • Rental vacuum circuit breakers available for emergency or while yours is being serviced

  • We can quickly design replacement or custom vacuum interrupters to fit virtually all types of circuit breakers

MAC TS4 testing

Testing You Can Rely On

Vacuum Interrupters offers test equipment and services to ensure you know the condition of your equipment. From circuit breaker timing and magnetron atmospheric condition tests to vacuum integrity and mechanical testing, we have the test sets and testing capabilities you need to keep your facility running safely. 

Determining the status of the vacuum within an interrupter is one of the best ways to know if and when it may fail. With the MAC-TS4 Vacuum Interrupter Test Set, technicians can test vacuum interrupters in the shop or in the field. Our VITS60M & VITS75M test sets perform automated vacuum integrity tests, megohmmeter insulation resistance tests, and DC HiPot tests, while the CBT-1203 Circuit Breaker Timer Test Set confirms proper breaker speed and clearing times as part of a maintenance program or arc-flash validation study. 


If you have vacuum interrupter failure, need equipment testing, or would like to discuss your requirements, contact us for immediate assistance.