Vacuum Integrity Tests You Can Count On

Get three test sets for the price of one to perform automated vacuum integrity tests, megohmmeter insulation resistance tests, and DC HiPot tests. 

Vacuum Integrity Tests That Go Beyond Go/No-Go Results

VITS60M side

The VITS60M & VITS75M vacuum integrity testers (aka vacuum bottle integrity testers) from Vacuum Interrupters are extremely user-friendly, portable, and lightweight testers that include everything required to test the integrity of vacuum interrupters in the field or shop. The 60kV or 75kV test sets incorporate a variable high-voltage power supply, back-lit LCD display, comprehensive safety features, and are furnished with a complete set of test cables. 

These 3-in-1 test sets have superior performance as a 2.5/5/10kV megohmmeter and can function as a stand-alone 60kV or 75kV DC HiPot. When used as megohmmeters, the testers not only measure insulation resistance, they also provide automated test routines for polarity index and absorption rate tests.

The units include safety features such as auto-discharging, interlock, and a safety control button, a tough dual-case design, and an optional five-year warranty with loaner service included. Never be down more than a day. 

Perform Maintenance Tests on Vacuum Interrupters and Insulating Elements in the Field


The main objective of the unique design and simple operation of these test sets is to enable the test technician to use a single test set to easily test vacuum interrupters as well as insulating elements in the field during maintenance testing. Armed with the information gleaned from the test set, users can determine if a vacuum circuit breaker, contactor, or other electrical equipment should remain in service or must be repaired or replaced. 

With the traditional NETA/ANSI/IEEE high voltage dc test for vacuum interrupters, the VITS60M provides a 1kV-60kV dc test voltage and the VITS75M provides a 1-75kV dc test voltage for basic go/no-go pass/fail test results.

The Unit’s LCD Display Indicates:

  • Test duration
  • Test voltage being applied
  • Measured leakage current
  • Pass/fail results

Test results are shown on the LCD display and panel lamps also indicate the pass or fail condition of the vacuum interrupter.

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