Manufacturer/ModelVacuum Interrupter Replacement
Allen-Bradley 1502-V8C6D1
Allen-Bradley 1502-V8DXDA-1
Rated Current (A)800
Rated Max Voltage (kV)7.2
Impulse Withstand (kV)60
Rated Short-Circuit (KA)12
Overall Length (mm)155
Largest Diameter (mm)70

Product Description

Vacuum Interrupters can provide replacement vacuum interrupter parts for virtually any manufacturers’ medium-voltage vacuum circuit breaker. We have the world’s widest selection of vacuum interrupter replacements rated up to 38 kV, 3000 A; replacements for all major OEM interrupters; and custom design/manufacturing services for obsolete interrupters and circuit breakers.

If you didn’t find what you need, please contact us as we’re constantly adding additional types and our engineers can provide replacement or custom vacuum interrupters for obsolete circuit breakers and contactors.

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