When vacuum interrupters fail at your facility, you need replacements you can trust delivered quickly. Vacuum circuit breaker interrupters from Vacuum Interrupters are manufactured right here in the U.S. and are ready to ship when you need them.

Since production began in 2021, none of the certified vacuum interrupter replacements manufactured in-house have failed or been returned. Designed to extend the life of aging vacuum circuit breakers, these devices allow for breaker reconditioning and increase the usable life of equipment.

Our team is also testing a 15 kV, 1200 A, and a 2000 A vacuum circuit breaker interrupter series with plans to release it this year. The innovative design includes the latest technology for fewer points of failure. Optimized for replacement applications, the series will be key for decades to come.

Get the most out of your circuit breakers and reduce waste by reconditioning instead of replacing equipment. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.