When an energy client of R&B Switchgear Group brought them 3 heritage Whipp & Bourne DV40 circuit breakers that had reached what should have been the end of their life-cycle after being in service for over 30 years, they realized the life could be extended with a complete overhaul and new vacuum bottles from Vacuum Interrupters.

Originally manufactured in 1990, these circuit breakers had to be stripped down and rebuilt to as-good-as-new condition. After final inspection and testing, the equipment was returned to service in the customer’s power network. The circuit breakers are now ready for another 30+ years of service.

As a Group CBS company, Vacuum Interrupters has access to the industry’s largest inventory of low- and medium-voltage apparatus and parts, electrical safety solutions, plus comprehensive shop repair, remanufacturing, life-extension, and field services.

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