Farmers Branch, TX, October 19, 2023Vacuum Interrupters, a leading manufacturer of replacement vacuum interrupters, pole assemblies, parts, and components for medium-voltage vacuum circuit breakers and contactors, introduces the WL-23326C replacement vacuum interrupter. 

This direct fit-and-function replacement unit for the Westinghouse WL-23326C vacuum interrupter, part number S#5382D47H03 (5382D47H03), meets original equipment ratings and is intended for use in the Westinghouse VACUTAP UVT load tap changer. The WL-23326C is built to provide excellent high-voltage insulation, high cumulative and breaking capacity, exclusive internal torsion control, and an exceptional vacuum seal thanks to a fine alumina ceramic. 

The replacement vacuum interrupter offers 1500 A RMS-rated current, 15.5 kV RMS maximum voltage, 110 kV peak impulse withstand, and 20 kA RMS-rated short-circuit breaking current. 

No modification is required for proper installation and operation in the existing electrical equipment. Vacuum Interrupters can also provide assembly components and mounting hardware to aid in installation and shorten downtime.  

About Vacuum Interrupters
Vacuum Interrupters, developer of the Magnetron Atmospheric Condition (MAC-TS4) predictive vacuum interrupter test set, Circuit Breaker Timer (CBT-1201 and CBT-1202), and Vacuum Interrupter Integrity Tester (VITS60M and VITS75M) test systems, provides replacement vacuum interrupters, pole assemblies, and components for virtually all medium-voltage vacuum circuit breakers and vacuum contactors and offers High Voltage Test Lab and SF6 interrupter rebuild/replacement capabilities. Learn more at or contact us at 214-442-5877.