Proper testing is key to ensuring a long life for your vacuum interrupters. Our MAC-TS4 Vacuum Interrupter Test Set features unique, patented technology that can predict the useful life of your vacuum interrupters in the field, shop, or laboratory. To help ensure users get the most from this solution, Vacuum Interrupters conducts custom training sessions about the Test Set. The following are the 6 most commonly asked questions about the MAC-TS4 during our training sessions, answered by our top MAC specialist.

1. Does the MAC-TS4 output AC or DC voltage?

DC voltage is applied for an extremely short time as this is required to generate a measurable ion current.

2. Is it acceptable to wrap the flexible magnetic coil around the vacuum interrupter fewer or more than 5 times?

While it is necessary to apply at least 5 full wraps around the vacuum interrupter in order to create an adequate magnetic field, additional wraps can be applied if space is available.

3. What if the vacuum interrupter is not directly accessible to be wrapped with the flexible magnetic coil because there is an external insulator or housing?

There is a selection of Rigid Coils available for breaker types where the flexible coil cannot be used. In those cases, the rigid coil surrounds the external insulation housing the vacuum interrupter.

4. Does supplying input power from a generator affect the test?

Running the MAC-TS4 off generator power is acceptable.

5. How many test results can be stored on the MAC-TS4?

The MAC-TS4 can save and store up to 500 test records.

6. Will the test results change if the same vacuum interrupter is MAC tested more than once or repeatedly?

The initial MAC test performed will always provide the most accurate and valid results for that subject vacuum interrupter. Subsequent tests performed will tend to show better than actual results as the internal pressure level of the vacuum interrupter is temporarily affected.

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